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Book, Music and Lyrics by Alan Saunders


Short North The Musical is a full length Science Fiction musical in the style of Little Shop of Horrors, and Reefer Madness.
3F, 4M, 1 Gender Neutral and various Humans and Zombies.

Evelyn owns an art gallery in the hyper-gentrifying arts district known as The Short North in a Midwest city.  The gentrification has been forced along by a landlord, developer and business owner; Gerald Olvensteen, and his concepts have begun to attract zombies.  Not the zombies we are used to seeing in movies and TV show - not yet anyway. They are like us, but easily distracted, addicted to technology and focused only on their next moment of pleasure, which usually involves consumption.

​Evelyn struggles to keep her promise to her late husband that the gallery will remain open, despite unsustainable rent increases and the zombies that have no interest in buying her naturalistic style art and only want art that "matches their couch". 

​With the help of her roommates/tenants, Rita and Levi, Evelyn goes up against Olvensteen to fight for the few remaining humans and ultimately save her City from a space alien that has been terra-forming the City to accommodate his Zombie slaves.

In the end, Evelyn learns it's not enough to elect people to make key decisions for the City, but that she must remain vigilant and participate to keep them accountable to the citizens.

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