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Book, Music and Lyrics by Alan Saunders


A Kiss To The Dance Floor is a full length musical with flexible casting of one (1) to three (3) performers with pre-recorded EDM tracks and tailored to a non-traditional performance space, specifically, the night club/dance club. 
1M, or 3M


Tim, fresh out of the Navy and freshly “out” to his high school best friend Jerry, returns home with no idea where he belongs.  Jerry immediately takes him to a dance club and introduces him to the world of gay night life.  Eager to fit in, socially-anxious Tim follows Jerry’s advice unsuccessfully when dealing with drinking, flirting and the art of the "one night stand."  When an opportunity to work for the dance club becomes available, Tim jumps in with both feet, rising to the position of DJ, until a rookie mistake gets him fired.  Believing he doesn’t belong, Tim, runs away to forge a "safe" life, like his parents – “with a home and a white picket fence.”  But that proves unsuccessful and Tim, now a wiser man, returns to the dance club, accepting why gay night life exists and how, like it or not, he is a part of it.

A show with small and flexible casting and easy production values tailored for a non-traditional performance space, specifically a night club/dance club.    
Musical accompaniment for this show is EDM (Electronic Dance Music) eliminating the need for live musicians. 


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