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Book, Music and Lyrics by Alan Saunders

Drag Drama is a full length musical comedy in the style of Naked Boys Singing and La Cage Aux Folles.
Cast of 10 Gender Neutral performers in drag.

Nikki Hart is the headlining drag queen for SheMoves Drag Club. After auditioning “too many times to count” for “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, she finally receives an invitation to be a contestant on the show. But, her friends and fellow queens all feel that she is just phoning in her job as show director and question whether Nikki has the chops to do the show.

When a performance doesn't go as planned, Nikki's best friend Pamala puts her through a grueling, two week preparation bootcamp to teach her to sew, improv and dance while struggling to keep the secret from an inquisitive YouTube Channel maker named Charlie who, if aware that Nikki is cast on the show, will spill the news online and get Nikki disqualified.

At the club, the manager Joel asks Nikki to host a charity banquet but she is unable to confirm because she will be out for the show taping and her and longtime queen Georgia cover the secret by saying Nikki is going to have foot surgery. When another longtime cast queen Anna Dukes clashes with Joel, he asks Nikki to fire Anna.

Nikki survives Pamala’s show preparation bootcamp and arrives in the workroom to begin filming and discovers that Anna is also a contestant on the show.

Act Two finds Nikki not performing well in the contest, though she believes should be winning everything. When she is paired up with Anna in a challenge, it lands her in the bottom where she is forced to lip sync for her life. Nikki questions whether she was ever any good and is visited by the most famous drag queen in the world with advice to wake up. Nikki survives the lip sync and begins to win challenges landing a spot in the Top Four.

The last four contestants are sent home to wait until all episodes air on TV and they’ll return to film the crowning. But back home, Nikki’s life has changed. Anna has been rehired due to her popularity on the show, while Nikki is losing gigs because Joel claims he is saving her appearances for busier nights. While Anna and Nikki are on speaking terms, Nikki is irritable and lashes out at Charlie which upsets Pamala, who can’t believe the way Nikki is acting and walks out leaving Nikki to pick up her own mess.

Nikki and Anna return to the studio to film the finale and crowning to discover that they won’t know who the winner is until the episode airs on TV.

Songs include:

It's Just Drag, Put on A Pair of Heels, Our Girl Nikki, The Pamala Way, Rev Me Up, Kiss Kiss, I'm Not Done, Dreams Don't Last Forever, When I Saw Her and Hey Queen, You Stay.


Script (New Version Coming Soon!)

Piano-Vocal Score (New version coming soon!)


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