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I began writing musicals and plays in 7th Grade and forced my classmates to perform them on lunch and recess breaks.  Then I joined the military and fell into a career.  Along the way I continued to participate in Theatre and now over 100 productions later as performer, director, choreographer and producer, I've found myself in a position to focus on writing again.  Friends tell me I am a little late to the game and that I have no chance of making it as a full time writer.  So, this is my journey.  Maybe I am late to the game, but I'm going to give it my best shot.

I hold a Master's Fine Arts in Music through University of Maryland that I acquired while in the US Navy.


I've recently completed two musicals, a one-man musical “A Kiss To The Dance Floor” and a traditional musical comedy "Short North The Musical".  His notable accomplishments;  commissioned to write a play in celebration of the Delaware Ohio 2010 Bicentennial, and hired to write a musical which became the basis of an outdoor theatre and haunted attraction in 2011.  


I don't send a lot of emails, maybe once a month or so I will send messages about the site, promote products you may be interested in and keep you abreast of my journey to the stage!


Get in touch with me here!  I'm always interested in talking with fans, looking for collaborators and fellow structure fans!

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